About Menlyn Maine

Menlyn Maine is set to become Africa’s first green city. This Mega development will comprise a total of 315,000 m2 of Gross Lettable area including approximately the following:

  • 140,000m² of Commercial Office space, 
  • 35,000m² of Retail, Dining and Shopping space, 
  • 4000m² Virgin Active Classic Gym, 
  • 85,000m² of Up-market residential Apartments and 
  • 18,000m² of Luxury hotel space, 
  • 60 000m2 Time Square Urban Entertainment Complex.
  • 5,700m² of Scenic parklands.

The design of the entire precinct is based on new urbanism principles. These days, part of creating a successful urban design necessarily includes an approach which takes the quality of the surrounding environment into consideration. Keeping with the New Urbanist ideals of creating walkable, liveable mixed use environments, Menlyn Maine is aiming to achieve obtain a LEED Neighbourhood Design certification for its urban space design, since there is no rating currently available for neighbourhood design in the Green Star SA system. In addition, all buildings in the precinct are aiming for a minimum four star Green Star SA rating. Menlyn Maine is also partnering with the Clinton Foundation Climate Positive Development Program to establish a sort of roadmap towards achieving carbon neutrality in the South African environment.

The quality of the urban environment is sufficiently important that a system has been put in place whereby the Menlyn Maine Property Owners Association will manage the precinct, ensuring that the development goals are achieved. All maintenance, traffic control, refuse management and security arrangements will fall under their auspices, as will recycling. Every effort has been made to ensure a high quality pedestrian environment, and also to cater for the needs of the disabled including the deaf and the blind.

Bearing in mind the move towards using public transport in our urban areas, there are three bus stations which link to the Gautrain, to the Bus Rapid Transit system running between Menlyn Maine and Hatfield, and to Pretoria’s city bus service. A quarter link new bridge link is planned to come directly off Atterbury Road which will give direct access to Menlyn Maine from the north, which will also connect Garsforntein and Atterbury Roads with another major road, thereby alleviating any prospective traffic issues.

The project as a whole is now very much unfolding and the development that has been completed is already working well. The underlying idea is for Menlyn Maine to be a vibrant new city centre which, if all goes according to the planned vision, should energise the entire area to become the address of choice for offices, shopping, living and entertainment.

Quick Facts

  • Africas first Green City in the Making.
  • 315,000m2 of Lettable area.
  • Managed by Menlyn Maine Property Owners Association.
  • City living, Urban Environment
  • Accessibility, Walkability, Tranquillity, Vibrancy.